• Dedicated phone number
    Subscribe and obtain a local or toll-free number. Use for voice only or receive faxes to your email on the same number.
  • No busy signals
    Simultaneous call acceptance prevents callers from running into busy signals.
  • Auto attendant
    Create custom call scripts and schedule main greetings to play based on days and times (e.g., business hours, after hours).
  • Artificial greetings
    Record greetings by phone, upload audio files or type call scripts online to generate an artificial voice to read the greetings.
  • Speech recognition
    Enable callers to give voice responses. This also gives you hands-free capability in accessing voicemail messages.
  • Custom extensions
    Create mailbox extension numbers up to 9 digits in length.
  • Menu options
    Prompt callers to select from departments or persons (e.g., “1 for Sales, 2 for Support, 0 for a Receptionist…”).
  • Music on hold
    Specify a custom audio file for callers to hear when placed on hold and while being transferred.
  • Directory assistance
    Enable find by name and/or full listing. Exclude individual extensions from the directory.
  • Find me / follow me
    Set up routing schedules on each extension to forward calls through phone number sequences (e.g., office, cell, home).
  • Universal voicemail
    Personalize greetings on each mailbox extension and pick up messages over the phone or listen to them on the computer.
  • Call screening
    Prompt callers to announce themselves. Choose to accept the call or to send directly to voicemail.
  • Incoming call identifier
    Find out the menu option a caller selected when picking up the call. Prepare to put on your sales hat or customer service voice.
  • Hold/retrieve
    Place callers on hold and retrieve the call off of hold through simple key commands.
  • Extension transferring
    Transfer calls to other extensions or to external telephone numbers altogether.

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